Monday, November 22, 2010

You are..

You are not old, you are just matured

You are not temporary, you are just permanent
You are not now,you are just forever
You are not `hot',you're just my summer
You're not been chosen,you've just been taken
You're not perfect,you're just an extra-ordinary
You're not sweetheart,you're just an angel
The most of all,you are not're not are just `You'..and thats what I like the most.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


yay!It's my birthday time again.
It's true and theres no denying.Another year has come and gone.
And you know that I'm not lying...
Thanks to all for the lovely cards,best wishes,unpredictable gifts..
Everything that happened today just make my Day!love it!!!
Thousand thanks to you..I'm so grateful to be born among the angels just like you...
How good it feel when your day has been touches with kindness...
It just wow!amazing!!I feel like I'm on the cloud number 9..=)...
Thanks for being there for me and mostly thanks for being You!...
Some people give the gift of peace and tranquility to every life they touch.
They are always who they really are.
They are blessedly reliable,dependably good,predictabily pleasant,loved and treasured by all who know them.
Know what friends,you are one of those people.
You are the greatest gift in my life..Thanks once ogain...
Love you and will always do...