Friday, February 4, 2011

i'll heart you if...

I heart you!!yes!I did I do and I will!
I `heart' people whom I love the,yay!for those who get my `i heart you' word..
Once i heart you!i'll heart you forever!!!

  • i adore you
  • my best buddy ever
  • family
  • you make me smile
  • you make my day!
  • you make me feel comfy
  • i like you
  • you're the one who i share my secret wif
  • you give me chocolates,cakes,sweet lil thing
  • you might be one of the best memories i ever had in the past
  • the most of all,i heart you bcuz of who you are!!
remember dis!You've been `heart' by me!and no one can change that!I've heart you!and I'll heart you forever.....
You want some heart?
treat me right then!
and I'll show you what love is worth!

noe what..
i heart you!
yes!you've been `heart' by me...=)
thanks for viewing my bloggie woggie
thanks for reading!!
i heart you more and more!


We've all been there, whether it's trying to turn down a friend who confessed his feelings for you, or just an ex who you feel uncomfortable saying "i love you" to yet still want to express that you still care for them no matter what.

I have personally used almost every form of the L word on numerous occasions, like to get out of an awkward emotional moment or to truly express my feelings for that special someone.

There are so many different ways of writing "I Love You" (especially to guys), and every way seems to have a different meaning.

  • I love you: I truly love you with every fiber of my being.
  • love you: I really do care about you and just wanted to remind you of it.
  • I luv/wuv you: I'm feeling snuggly-wuggly, my poodle doodle apple shtroodle, but not enough to run off to Vegas and elope.
  • luv u: Yeah buddy, we're just friends but i don't want to break your heart by not saying it back.
  • luv ya@luff ya!: I care about you but you're never getting out of the friend zone, and thanks for always paying for my movie tickets.

Putting "I" infront of the BIG L seems to make it so much more legit and meaningful. Oh, the power one little letter can hold.

These are just a few of many ways to express what level of luuurrvvee you're on and i'm sure there's many more!!!