Thursday, November 5, 2009


I lost my bestie...
But I got a new one...
D-wan is my new bestie...
I love him...aha
and I'll always do...
I <3 him because....

  • I think he's a guy not a boy
  • He always act like a `nanny' but with a reason
  • He'll not keep his mouth shut if i did something wrong(he always giving advise)
  • He's my senior
  • That mean he's older than me
  • He always there to remind me about `solat'
  • I like the way he text me
  • the way he respect me during our conversation
  • He's the guy who woke up late at night by playing his guitar and sangs a song to me
  • And I admit `I love that'(smiling)
  • I love the way he makes me missing him
  • There's a lot of reasons why I love him
  • I just can't put into words...
  • It's seems like word doesn't enough to describe how much I love him
For D-wan,
Thanks for being my bestie!!
Love you!!
and I'll always do...