Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I will be a GOOD PARENT..

  • People seem to think that my brass attitude and the fact that I mention that I will "discipline" my child, meaning I will spank them when they deserve it, will make me a "bad parent."

    When thinking about it, yeah I would yell a lot, because I get excited easily and I would spank my kid and yes I would say no, but that doesn't mean I would be a bad parent.

    I will attend every sports game my kid is in, whether they are the star of the game or the bench warmer.
    I will cheer the loudest for them and show up early and stay late.

    I will go to every recital and every show they have. I will sit in the front row and clap and document the whole thing.
    Afterward I will be waiting for them and give them the biggest hug and listen to every word they gush to me.

    I will go to every open house their school has and take interest into their school work and life.

    I teach them life tricks and facts.

    I will joke with them.

    I will be a friend.

    I will take them out hiking, instead of giving them video games.

    I will show them how to respect everyone and teach them proper manners.

    My son will be a gentlemen and my daughter a lady.

    I will let them express themselves in any way they want to.

    II will not yell at them over nothing.

    I will support them in bad times, but I let them make their own mistakes.

    I will teach them common sense and how to build things out of things found lying around.

    I will ask them if they're ok and if they want to talk.

    I will give them their space.

    I will teach them to present a good argument instead of throwing a tantrum.

    I will teach them family is the most important and the people directly related to you can be the best family you have.

    I will teach them to love all animals, even the creepy crawlies and the fuzzy wuzzies.

    But most importantly of all I will love them.
    I will love them with all I have, even if I don't particularly like them at the time and they do not like me.

    All this will make them the most privileged kid in the world.
    No matter much money we have or don't have.
    Whether we're alone or have a family.

    I WILL Be a good parent, despite what you think.