Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm glued to the screen and dead to the world...that's the word..=)

1. The fashion. Between the headbands and chic designers from Chanel to Christian Louboutin, Gossip Girl is all the rage in trendy and expensive fashion. By watching it, I can almost live vicariously through Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen and see what it’s like to live an expensive yet glamorous life on the Upper East Side.

2. The drama
. Let’s face it; the juicy drama of the fictitious Manhattan elite is somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Serena van der Woodsen is almost synonymous with drama and it keeps me anticipating what’s going to happen next. The mixture of money, sex, love, teens, alcohol, scandal and New York is the perfect combination for unrelenting drama. S and B are constantly battling whether or not to be best friends, Chuck is always involved in a scandal and Blair is always masterminding some evil plan. Unrealistic as some of it may be, the gossip is endless and since season one I’ve been waiting to see if they run out of plots to keep me glued to the screen and it hasn’t happened thus far.

3. Blair and Chuck- The love/hate, hot and spicy romance of Blair and Chuck has me tuning everything else out on Monday nights at 9. They go from hating each other, to madly in love, back to hating each other and I can’t help but want to know what’s next. They break up to make up just to go back to breaking up all over again. It's said that hottest love has the coldest end and they beyond exemplify that. However, one never is sure if their love is really over or not and so I can’t stop watching and trying to find out.

4. Chuck himself- Who am I kidding? Chuck alone is reason enough to watch the show. He’s “Chuck Bass,” and everyone knows it. From his good looks to his confident and arrogant demeanor, to his many scandals, to his problems at home, Chuck keeps the show going.

5. Beautiful people - Everyone on the show always looks super glamorous. The actors and actresses that are part of this show form an all star cast and they’re all beautiful people.

6. The evil plans- The plans that Blair creates are simply genius and she ALWAYS has something up her sleeve. No one can compete with her in this area, except of course Chuck. However, everyone on the show gets involved in these plans at some point or another and I love to see these plans created, executed and even failed. Although the genius plans make me want to keep watching, Blair or Chuck being unsuccessful in either of their genius plans makes me want to watch even more because if they can't carry it through, there has to be a reason which I'll be dying to know.

These things might not necessarily be drastically different from other popular teen drama's but somehow they have the perfect combination of it all to make it stand out.