Friday, August 7, 2009


That no matter what, girls cant just be happy?

Like seriously. I dont know what it will take to make me happy for such an extended period of time that I wont find myself bitching about another thing to my friends. Either its what I want from my boyfriend that he isnt giving me, what I want to do that I didnt get to, about this friend or that, that I dont have enough ____ . Im just realizing that guys are right. Yes . I said it. Shocked?

You know how they always complain that girls are never satisfied? Well its so true. You can be happy in the moment. But there will always be one thing or another that you need to make yourself happier. Then, once you get it or it happens, you still want more !

For example, I just found this amazing song that I was totally in love with. But I overplayed it, and now I just want another equally amazing song. We take for granted what we have, and we miss it when its gone. I am going to try, once a day, to sit there and think about the things in my life that I am grateful for. Rather than the fact that I didnt get to go to Starbucks today and am stuck with damn powder hot chocolate. You know? At least I have the powder stuff! Its better than nothing! I know its the age old predicament we as females find ourselves in.. but we should just learn to accept what we have as amazing, when it is. And not have to wait until its gone to see it for what it is.

On a side not,my boyfriend flying to Perth tomorrow. I had a long talk with my boyfriend tonight.. and he made a few promises to me. Im really hoping things are going to change, guys. We had previously decided this trip would be a break for us. Im not sure where that stands now. I'll fill you in when I know.. I will however, be sure to keep a close eye on him. I am not just letting this go based on a few words promised in a sweet, loving moment.

I went down to the lake with a good friend of mine, took some pictures and goofed around.. Got my mind off all the bullshit for awhile. It was a kind of therapy for me. I cant wait to leave, clear my head and get some sense knocked into me! Woo Hoo!