Saturday, August 29, 2009


During my way to somewhere(secret)
These are the conversations between me & him...
who??asks`GUY' lorh...who else...=)

ME:Can i put your picture inside my blog?
HIM:No.(strictly saying)
ME:But, why?
HIM:Because I said no!
ME:But you are my `guy'.The one who has taken me!
HIM:Yes I am.I'm yours & you are mine(our `life blood' word)
ME:So,why must I can't put your picture inside my blog?
HIM:You can put my picture inside your blog,but...(suddenly his phone ringing..)
ME:(after a while, i continue asking) But why???
HIM:You can put my picture but after you said `YES I WOULD'

ME:What?in your dreaming...
HIM:So, would you marry me?
ME:I want to get married with someone who his picture all over spread inside my blog...I want everyone know that I've taken..and of your pictures inside my,about your proposal,...sorry,I can't accept...You are not the one...(not-in-mood)=(
HIM:(Before he stop his car and went inside the 7Eleven)He said:Whatever it is,always remember this,`I'm yours & you'll always be mine'...`no matter what the people say,I'm always inside there'..and please remember this,you don't have to tell all the people about our love,you & me is more than enough...we're the one who'll get married...not them...(Then he smile)
ME:(no comment)o_O...

To conclude:He always make me fell in love with him over and over again when `his word' out from his mouth...
almost forget,all these are the proofs about our`life blood' words..