Wednesday, April 21, 2010

set me FREE,let me FLY

Looking at the stunning-striking-gorgeous skies makes she wish that she could fly and get away from everything troubling that’s going on down here on the earth and escape up there into the silence and solitude. If she could soar away that would be amazing...


Unchain but can't move further.

Mind trapped by schedules.

Heart jailed by duties.

Psyche arrested by responsibilities.

Wits caged by custom.

Free to go but unable to walk away.

Mentality cornered by commitment.

Soul captured by vows.

Brain detained by obligations.

Spirit entrapped by routine.

Look up at the blue sky.

Want to fly further and higher.

To touches the sky with bare hands.

Soaring and dancing with the clouds.

Singing and laughing with the skies.

Sky 001

Doesn’t everyone feel like to escape their routine life from time to time?