Monday, April 26, 2010


She never asked for much

... maybe that's why she received so little.

She looks at herself in the mirror of reality and then looks within at the mirror of her soul. Scars internal and external are everywhere. Pain seems inconsequential. Life seems death end. Don't touch. Don't speak. Don't blame. Stop analysis. Don't judge. Stop punishing. Close eyes, open mind, just listen to the plea of silence...

Think of nothing.

Think of everything.

Nothing matters at this moment.

Let the world disappear.

Let imagination wander.

Search for heart's desire.

What do you want?

Face up your soul's fear.

Face up your love, lust, hate.

Face up your unsafely, your unsurely.

No nightmares, no more nightmares.

Let conquer the reality.

Yes, tonight is the night. TONIGHT, in the light of blue moon, by the sounds of whispering night, everything just fades away till there is nothing. It’s just her by herself - standing, singing, and dreaming. Even her shadow leaves her all alone tonight. She smiles wanly, reflecting her mood. She’s singing old songs, moving in a desperate dance; seeking truth, seeking knowledge, seeking freedom, seeking for her long lost soul...