Friday, May 21, 2010


In American movies, a lot happens over coffee. People meet, people fall in love, people laugh. In fact, the whole spectrum of innocent and positive human emotion happens over coffee. And it doesn't matter what coffee, as long as it has a complicated name it'll do as a catalyst for pure and perfect things..
Well, mine is a grande skinny hazelnut latte, yet I sit here by myself, writing and listening to Micheal Bubble. No one knows I exist, I am the definition of inconspicuous. I am hoping one day that I will be sitting here and someone will notice me, at first he'll just watch me. He'll watch me and I'll be engrossed in my work...
I'll have my legs crossed - something he finds endearing as it shows my want for a childish freedom. He'll notice that I drink out of a takeaway cup even though I'm clearly "drinking in". From this I bet he'll read my love of spontaneity.He wont care if in general I'm not very pretty. He'll see my funny face as nothing short of intriguing.
He'll think of a number of different scenarios in which he could approach me and I wouldn't look at him with disgust. I'd like to point out, at this point in my dream, I am still completely oblivious!
After a while he decides, "there's no point in just hanging around staring." Soon I would be gone, and he might never see me again. He'd pluck up the courage to come over...
"Um, hi, is this seat taken?" He'd ask sheepishly, though with a beaming smile. I'd see him for the first time in this daydream, I can't describe him really, he's just too good. I'd look around the room to see it's almost empty and wondering why he asked me specifically for the chair opposite of me. I'd smile back and say, "Not at all, go ahead"
Thinking that was it, the encounter with a beautiful boy was over, I'd lower my head back to my work. Then I'd hear, "Sorry, are you busy? I just thought you shouldn't be drinking coffee on your own"
And there it would be - bam - straight out of the movies. We'd talk, laugh, love, all over coffee.
Then again, I should probably just leave it to Hollywood.
What are your thoughts about romance over coffee? Have you ever daydreamed about romantic scenarios?