Tuesday, July 14, 2009

L.O.V.E to be Loved

HEY ITS ME AZNAL@Vhan: " well i love Asny more than anything i've ever loved anything before...shes so beautiful and she knows exactly how to treat me...id do anything for her and nothing will ever stop me from giving her one last i love u before she goes to bed...i love my shenny and i will kill anyone who tries to take her so yeah =] *mwah* i love u Asny.I'm yours u'll always be mine

This is hacked by Edy(not the boyfriend lol), this girl is like amazing :D. She randomly added me on myspace one day and i decided to talk to her :P. We pc4pc each other and thats how we really started talking xP. Shes like the coolest weirdo ever! Our conversations are really strange most of the time and that makes her fun to talk to :D. And no matter what she says about her looks i think shes very gorgeous :). It would be really cool if i could chill with her in person im sure we would have a blast :). So basically im saying that Asny is the shit and anybody that knows to her is lucky to know her :D

Asny! You're Fucking Awesome! I absolutly love our random conversations they make me nearly die of laughter. You knoww how to cheer me up when i need it. You're like my bestfriend only in a different state. So my long distance bestfriend I guess is what i'm getting at? ANYWAAYS If I had to pick someone to go kill mega dead zombies with knives i'd pick T-pain J/K It would totally be you! If i'd never met you i think i'd be an emo kid all the time no one has a sense of humor anymore cept you! And i think you're the cutest thing to walk the earth :D ! we're both awesome xD But I'ma Quit Rambling On About How Ah-mazinn You Are! I Loverz You Asny! -Edrean Abdullah

Peanut is telling the story of a pretty girl her name is Asny Saad. we sorta started talking but its like we knew each other forever shes like adorable and if you dont think so well ima jizz in you left nostral.any ways id get to know her b/c she pretty dam awsome id kick all my friends in the nuts juss to see her in my life,who ever lives close by her is pretty dam lucky cuz Asny is beautiful so you shud get to know her like now ,right now ,or eles ill jizz in your right nostral too (:Shafinas known as Peanut

this is my bestiee..
Asny my bestie... no one elses only mines =)i love Asny.. shes my bestfriend ever and we have been threw a lot but we got threw it. our friendship is unstoppable![[= no one & not anyone can ruin our relationship even the one who has taken her (Vhan)...=p we met a while ago and when i first did, i knew she would be in my life forever and ever.I luv u and i'll always do.
Time: 2030
Place:Capt.Vhan's house

heyy , well i am Adeeba Aziz(Deeb) , and thiss amazing chick is Asny. we met a while ago , i dont really remember how lol , but i will never regret it. we barely talkedd , untill a little bit ago wehn we hadda little situation , but that brought us closerr , she tought me a lott , and i am really proud of how we turned out. any guy would be lucky to have her , but she is takenn lol and if he hurts her , im gonna have to kick somee booty hehe. she is a great friendd , and overall amazing , so if you dont know her then you are definatlyy missing outt on one greatt girl. -Deeb