Friday, July 10, 2009

.::.MY RULES.::.

Current mood: amused

Okay I'm saying these rules now, luckily no one has broke any of them :)

1.) I can't tell you how many people stress about this but please type where.. I can read and understand it!

Good Example: "Hey Asny, how was that movie you went to last night?"

Bad Example: "hey Asny wuts ^? howz ru 2dayz? did u lik ur movie last nite?

Seriously,..Who wants to spend their time deciphering that message?

2.) If we're having a conversation and I disappear for a couple days then eventually pop up and answer, well that's normal and there's nothing I can do about it. So deal with it! (Sorry)

3.) Obviously I am NOT going to be on everyday 24/7 so be patient and I will get to you.

4.) Please do NOT insult/harass any of the people on my friends list/people roleplaying with me, I don't want to get chewed out because you have problems.

5.) My character or any other of them will NOT be dying so don't even try it, I'll tell you to bugger off, delete the message and block you. If Rape comes up it's not a big problem but If I've never talked to you and your character just walks up and starts doing shit, I'll block you.

6.) I'm not really fond of doing a private roleplaying scenerio's. On blogs? Sure. Comments? No problem. Messages? If only necassary.

7.) Please don't add me then like drop you're account later, at least have enought decency to take me of your 'dead' account's buddy list.

8.) If I make a mistake instead of leaving me a million comments bitching me out please be kind enough to send me private message and I'll try and correct it.

9.) We all have our boundaries and hopefully you'll learn them fast enough because I tend to have a quick and nasty angry side,

10.) I will not tolerate you pushing me into a relationship, I will go at my own pace and make a move when I feel the time is right.

11.) If I'm not in the mood to talk, I'll tell you and I hope you will listen and not push it. PLEASE DONT. Pushing me will result in blocking. I'm not trying to be mean, just honest.

12.) Most likely I will NOT whore you or comment more than on of you're pics,..unless I really like you.

That's all...For now