Tuesday, July 14, 2009

talkin bout Asny!

Hi, My name is Asny.
I blow out my candles on November 7th.
I’m very hard to handle. I will frustrate you to the max.
I don’t take credit for anything because I don’t think I deserve anything I have.
I let people hurt me, and bring me down, especially the ones i love.
I cry, and i cry, and i cry. It’s what i’m best at.
I like to sit in the corner of the room and think with my knees to my chest.
I will always be there for anyone who needs me or is ever sad, it doesn’t matter how horrible you were to me in the past, i would rather be the sad one.
I am taken by Aznal Lutfi. <3. I Love him. I Have that one special person that makes me feel like everythings okay. And everytime I hear his voice I feel so loved and happy, but so afraid and scared to lose it all. My best friends are Uesof; He’s always been there for me to make me smile, and
Lyna(da best); Who helps me stand,Luv u tayunk!
Edrean Abdulllah; No matter what he’s been there to save me, and
Ady; He’s too funny NOT to be my friend, and he always cheers me up when I’m in a bad mood.
Yanu;the one that always smile and always looks great in 'selendang'..
Deeba & Peanut;rules my world.thanks for tke cre my captain=).
Edy;always fill out my space wif laughter..Well, i guess that’s it. I Have sooo manyy things in my life that you would never expect, soo get to know me. I’m always opened for chatting.