Saturday, December 5, 2009


or these guys....

I've been seeing this trend lately in movies, the male figure is, let's say, not-so-good-looking. Guys like Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, Jon Favreau, Vince Vaughn, Jason Segal. These men do not have washboard abs. They aren't 10's - per se. And you definitely wouldn't think to see them with girls like Kristen Bell, Jennifer Aniston, Amber Heard, Mila Kunis, Jaime Pressly. (They also all seem to have really curly hair?) So why are they so likeable? Why do they always seem to get the pretty girl? It's because, (and I'm starting to see this in my own life) they are hilarious, genuine, non-bullshitters, that seem to have a heart of gold.

You see the guys like Zac Efron, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, (and who is this Taylor Lautner kid?) the pretty boys, the ones with the extremely hot bodies and good looks; they aren't doing it for me anymore. OK, they're attractive. But what the hell... They have no personality, they seem to have this "I'm better than you" attitude, and they have an ego the size of Texas. (I'm strictly talking about on-screen performances and overall perception, I really don't know how these guys are in real life)

So I have this friend. And maybe I just never noticed him much before. But I hung out with him a couple times recently, and although he is no Ashton Kutcher, I find myself extremely attracted to him. Not because of how he looks; but because of who he is. We totally have the same sense of humor (I was literally laughing at everything he said) and he is generally a very sweet guy. Now I had to keep the flirting to a minimum because I was already with someone there, but he texted me after we had left and said it was good to see me again and we should definitely hang out more. So I knew he felt some sort of attraction there too.

Now my dating record is all over the board. I've dated some crazy characters. It's because I have never thought about what other people think, and just gone with how the guy makes me feel. (My friends are always telling me I can get someone better, i.e. someone hotter) That kind of has changed, I'm now dating this guy who is very physically attractive. And I really did like him at first. (I think I was blinded by his attractiveness) Now all of a sudden I'm not feeling the same way about him anymore. And I really can't stop thinking about that friend...

So do looks matter at all? Would you rather have the hot guy, or the not-so-hot guy that you get along with better? And do you think you find someone more attractive after you get to know them and like their personality? I'm really beginning to think so... :)