Saturday, December 5, 2009


Just a quick question: Since when did "Cute" = "Dumb"?

My friend "A" has been dating this girl whom he describes as cute in a nutshell.
She's so cute,...she laughs at my stupid jokes.
She's so cute,...she trips over herself.
She's so cute,...she eats with a spoon.

You get my drift. Apparently, she got upset and offended because she seems to think whenever he calls her cute (which is a lot) he's really calling her dumb. Now, I don't know if she is because I don't know her well enough on a personal level. But just hearing from my friend, she sounds more like a klutz (like Jessica Alba in "Good Luck Chuck"). He can't understand why she would be this upset. Obviously he's totally sappy right now because she can burp and fart, and he would still think it's cute.

So how do you explain to someone that you find them cute as in endearing and not cute as in dumb? My friend is a bumbling idiot right now and thinks he's just putting the foot further in his mouth if he tries to explain himself. Is being called cute no longer a compliment?